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GNU, GPL, Open Source Theora is a video codec with a small CPU footprint that offers easy portability and requires no patent royalties. While the Theora bitstream format was standardized in 2004 and our beta releases have been used by millions, this 1.0 release is an important milestone reflecting the maturity and stability of the Theora codebase. A number of leading multimedia web groups already support Theora. Upcoming releases of Mozilla Firefox, the world's most popular open source browser, will support Theora natively, as will releases of the multi-platform Opera browser. Top-10 website Wikipedia uses Theora for all of its video.
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RE[2]: I've always wondered...
by madcrow on Wed 5th Nov 2008 22:46 UTC in reply to "RE: I've always wondered..."
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because it costs money to develop good codecs, not just average or mediocre ones, good ones. there's a reason xiph/theora is free, because it lost. they tried very hard to win and get that money.

in the end lost because it was inferior and remains inferior.

to the consumer and myself, nobody cares about patents, every player supports mp4/h264 decoding, is free and also already has hardware h264 decoders.

And you're saying it didn't cost money to develop ODF or JPEG or PDF or any of the many freely-implementable file formats out there? I just don't see the huge difference.

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