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ReactOS The ReactOS team has released version 0.3.7 of its Windows NT compatible operating system. This release along with the rest of the 0.3.x series is still considered alpha quality software. ReactOS 0.3.7 continues further work on the main three principles of current ReactOS development: bugfixes, compatibility and stability.
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I don't get it
by darknexus on Thu 6th Nov 2008 13:09 UTC
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Sorry if I'm being a bit dumb here, but I don't really get the point of ReactOS. They're trying to emulate Windows perfectly, if I'm not misunderstanding their goals. Well, to do that, wouldn't they have to implement not only all the Windows APIs, but all their inconsistencies as well? What about the various bugs in the API that software can take advantage of, don't we need those? What about the undocumented APIs that MS sometimes uses? We complain that Windows is bloated, won't ReactOS have the same problems when it's finished? I'm not trying to troll, I'm genuinely confused and I may be completely mistaken here.

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RE: I don't get it
by ferrels on Thu 6th Nov 2008 13:53 in reply to "I don't get it"
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The point is that ReactOS is free and open source. Microsoft has killed XP in favor of Vista and Windows 7.

The remainder of your questions can best be answered by going to the ReactOS site and reading up on it. The roadmap is all laid out quite well.

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RE[2]: I don't get it
by Johann Chua on Sat 8th Nov 2008 05:41 in reply to "RE: I don't get it"
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XP isn't dead yet...

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RE: I don't get it
by gedmurphy on Thu 6th Nov 2008 14:15 in reply to "I don't get it"
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Yes, the whole API is being targeted, including bugs, incosistincies, undocumented API, etc.

Wine has the same goal, the only difference being that Wine provide the top layer, ReactOS also provide the whole OS that sits under that layer.

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RE: I don't get it
by BluenoseJake on Thu 6th Nov 2008 16:39 in reply to "I don't get it"
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It may have similar problems as MS Windows, but it's OSS, so it's free as in beer and as is in freedom. That alone makes me happy.

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RE[2]: I don't get it
by darknexus on Thu 6th Nov 2008 18:11 in reply to "RE: I don't get it"
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I'll admit to not necessarily agreeing with that viewpoint, but I understand. Open source is a very good thing, as it promotes competition and growth. But I have to wonder why, rather than putting their design time into FOSS programs that really could use it, they're replicating something that already exists? They're not trying to improve Windows, they're trying to duplicate it at least in the ABI and API respects.
I just don't get it, and that's my failing. At least Wine made sense to me, but this... well, to me it doesn't. This doesn't mean I think they shouldn't do it, it just means I don't get the point in duplicating something that's already there. As I said, I do not intend this as flame bate, though I'm sure I'll get my fair share.

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