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Windows "Depending on where you look, Windows 7 is being called a savior for the embattled Vista, or a disaster waiting to happen. Regardless, certain interface features in Windows 7, whether brand new or streamlined, have been mostly applauded by experts who have tested the pre-beta. Which features are the most interesting and controversial? Here are five that deserve your attention."
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Slow adoption - Economic downturn
by centos_user on Tue 18th Nov 2008 18:06 UTC
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It is going to be a hard sell when tech companies are cutting their workforce and the stock market is in the tank.

The last thing a company or really end users are going to worry aobut is a new operating system when they are unemployed and it cost $500 requiring high dollar hardware to run it...

Just my thoughts.

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modmans2ndcoming Member since:

high dollar hardware?

Dude, The project lead on Windows 7 runs the OS on a 1 GHz Atom Processor with a gig of memory.

on top of that, I have sitting at my desk, a quad core intel machine with 4 gigs of memory and it cost me about 400 bucks to put together.

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