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Oracle and SUN It's a sad day for all those countless admirers (seriously now, apart from myself...?) of Sun's Ultra 20 and Ultra 40 workstations. The Ultra 20 M2 and Ultra 40 M4 workstations have quietly reached their end-of-life, meaning the company currently has no more AMD-based workstations on offer. The magnificent case design of these machines, which made its debut in the form of the Sun Ultra 20, appears to be slowely but surely on its way out, since the UltraSPARC-based Ultra 25/45 have also been retired. This leaves the Ultra 24 (x64 Core 2 Duo/Quad) as the sole bearer of this case design. I would be very sad to see the angular and clean design go, seeing I placed it at number 7 on my list of most beautiful computers.
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RE: Core i7
by Macrat on Wed 26th Nov 2008 19:11 UTC in reply to "Core i7"
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I hope Sun updates their offerings soon for those of us that still appreciate a good stable WORKSTATION that has been ENGINEERED and not simply assembled like 99% of PCs these days.

Sounds like you want a Mac Pro.

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RE[2]: Core i7
by segedunum on Wed 26th Nov 2008 19:54 in reply to "RE: Core i7"
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Mac Pros are assembled PCs masquerading as something that is engineered in order to keep the margins high.

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RE[3]: Core i7
by javiercero1 on Wed 26th Nov 2008 22:08 in reply to "RE[2]: Core i7"
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... if it makes you feel better.

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