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Oracle and SUN It's a sad day for all those countless admirers (seriously now, apart from myself...?) of Sun's Ultra 20 and Ultra 40 workstations. The Ultra 20 M2 and Ultra 40 M4 workstations have quietly reached their end-of-life, meaning the company currently has no more AMD-based workstations on offer. The magnificent case design of these machines, which made its debut in the form of the Sun Ultra 20, appears to be slowely but surely on its way out, since the UltraSPARC-based Ultra 25/45 have also been retired. This leaves the Ultra 24 (x64 Core 2 Duo/Quad) as the sole bearer of this case design. I would be very sad to see the angular and clean design go, seeing I placed it at number 7 on my list of most beautiful computers.
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RE[3]: Ultra 24
by Hussein on Wed 26th Nov 2008 19:39 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Ultra 24"
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What xeon class workstation machines currently win on the noise stakes? Apple? Dell? HP? SUN?


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RE[4]: Ultra 24
by Adurbe on Wed 26th Nov 2008 19:55 in reply to "RE[3]: Ultra 24"
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Thanks for that, is that based on you having used multiple machines of that class or was it more knee jerk?

I have looked at the various tech docs which state the noise levels produced by these machines but often find that they are 'fanciful' to out it nicely which is why im after genuine user experience

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RE[5]: Ultra 24
by poundsmack on Wed 26th Nov 2008 21:58 in reply to "RE[4]: Ultra 24"
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in my experience HP's sollutions up until fairly recently were the most quiet. Within the last year Dell has made a lot of progress with noise reduction and has taken the crown away from HP. I would say Apple is in 4rth place, but very close to SUN.

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RE[5]: Ultra 24
by javiercero1 on Wed 26th Nov 2008 22:17 in reply to "RE[4]: Ultra 24"
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Apple is one of the few makes which actually includes sound levels as part of their design/validation process.

I have had direct contact with Apple's Q&A people doing sound validation on some of the parts, the company I work for, provides them. They go as far as bring this PITA guy who has this nutso ear. Even for crap no one can hear, the dude claims he can hear and thus yet a new revision has to be provided for apple. He must be Steve Job's secret lover or something, because his only job description seems to be to listen to equipment and make sure the noise is up to his very subjective standards.... LOL.

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RE[5]: Ultra 24
by hraq on Wed 26th Nov 2008 22:28 in reply to "RE[4]: Ultra 24"
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I have seen HP, Dell and Apple.
Apple is super quiet ( Excellent Quality).
HP is quite (Very Good Quailty).
Dell a bit quite (Average Workstation Quality).

I don't know about Sun Workstations.

I am a Technician

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