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Window Managers "Mainstream Linux distributions typically default to one of two desktop environments, KDE or GNOME. Both of these environments provide users with an intuitive and attractive desktop, as well as offering a large raft of multimedia software, games, administration programs, network tools, educational applications, utilities, artwork, web development tools and more. However, these two desktops focus more on providing users with a modern computing environment with all the bells and whistles featured in Windows Vista, rather than minimising the amount of system resources they need. For users and developers who want to run an attractive Linux desktop on older hardware, netbooks, or mobile internet devices, neither KDE or GNOME may be a viable option, as they run too slowly on low spec machines (such as less than 256MB RAM and a 1 GHz processor). This article seeks to identify the best lean desktops for Linux, for users that have old or even ancient hardware."
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"Even then, nvidia has had a broken driver for Linux for over 2 years now that is absolutely horrible for 2D graphics ... nvidia is a graphics decelerator on Linux (I'm not sure if it is fixed yet or not). " Source for this please, besides your own personal anti-proprietary agenda?

Otherwise, google for: nvidia driver bug kde 4

Or Google for: Xrender nvidia linux

Here you go, a forum thread on this topic:


Over the past two years the typical linux desktop has changed a lot.The XRender API has replaced the old X drawing model and composition introduced new visual possibilties.This also means that 2D drivers are now stressed much more and in different areas than 2-3 years ago.There are ongoing complains about poor 2D performance of NVidia GPUs, about 2 years ago it started with people complaining about slow text rendering with subpixel-antialiasing, but the more programs use the XRender api, the more complaints are posted. KDE4 which uses XRender a lot and also relies on more advanced feature is really slow (I would call it almost unuseable), also FireFox3 is no joy with nvidia's binary drivers. Often nouveau drivers with their EXA architecture offer better 2D performance than the binary drivers themself.There are also people calling nvidia to open-source their 2D driver, or at least provide specs to the nouveu project, because the think open-source projects could do it a lot better and are not that revenue-driven.Most of the discussions happen in the unofficial nvidia linux support forum: would be great if you could write a short arcticle about this topic, maybe it would change things to the better and make nvidia recognize that although people buy the cards because of 3D scores, they don't tolerate dog-slow 2D desktops.

Regi "

The long-standing Xrender bug in nvidia's proprietary driver for Linux that so very badly affects KDE4 performance (and not so much but still apparent affects performance of firefox and openoffice on Linux systems in general, KDE4 or not) is limited to only some of the nvidia cards. It does not affect all nvidia cards.

So it is quite possible that you have a fine experience with KDE4 on Linux on your system with a nvidia card.

You are lucky. Many people haven't been so lucky.

If anyone does have such a system that is affected by this bug, and if nvidia still haven't fixed it, then I might suggest trying the nouveau driver for nvidia cards, as it reportedly has quite acceptable 2D accelerated video.

Reportedly the author of the E17 desktop software tried also to use Xorg's Xrender API to accelerate the E17 desktop, and he ran into this nvidia driver bug on the system he uses to develop, and so consequently dropped the whole idea.

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"You are lucky. Many people haven't been so lucky."

Thanks for the links. I'll check it out and try a few things ;)

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