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Opera Software Opera 10 has been released as an alpha preview. It showcases a new rendering engine, Presto 2.2, which the company states will improve browsing performance over the previous version by 30 percent, and notably passes Acid3 standards compatibility with a 100 out of 100 score. This article runs it through some benchmarks, checks memory usage, and general browsing experience.
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will 10 be better?
by Sabz on Sun 7th Dec 2008 08:02 UTC
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2005-07-07 download site for Opera10 .. hope this is better than 9

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RE: will 10 be better?
by Kochise on Sun 7th Dec 2008 08:10 in reply to "will 10 be better? "
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9.6 is already pretty good ;) However, on some aspect, I must say, it withdrew from 8 (especially it takes longer to display a page, it waits to have something like 200 KB loaded in order to display something else than a blank screen)

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RE[2]: will 10 be better?
by Abaddon on Mon 8th Dec 2008 07:46 in reply to "RE: will 10 be better? "
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Tools->Preferences->Advanced->Browsing->Loading set to "Redraw instantly".

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RE: will 10 be better?
by Liquidator on Sun 7th Dec 2008 10:07 in reply to "will 10 be better? "
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The simple fact that Opera 10a features HTML email composing is enough for me to be satisfied ;)

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