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Internet & Networking Though the cause is still unknown, three of the four undersea Internet cables that run from North America to Asia were cut, causing outages in Egypt, India, Saudi Arabia, and a dozen or so other countries. That is a lot of angry World of Warcraft players. It's supposed to have been from ships' anchors, though even two downed cables at one time is very rare, so who's to say it wasn't sabotage?
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Not between NA and Asia
by corwin on Sat 20th Dec 2008 01:20 UTC
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The cables that have been cut, SeMeWe3, SeMeWe4, and FLAG are all asian-eu cables, NOT asian-na cables. Those cables run across the pacific. What has been cut is most of the asia-eu traffic. From eastern asia, most traffic is being re-routed through the US (where quite a bit of eu-asia traffic flows anyway). The folks in the med basin, and western asia are in much worse shape, some loosing over 60% of their bandwidth.

These are the same cables that were cut by a ship anchor early this year, in about the same area.

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RE: Not between NA and Asia
by scottalanmiller on Sat 20th Dec 2008 03:07 in reply to "Not between NA and Asia"
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When those lines went down last time it immediately impacted financial trading. I am watching the bank communications right now and we are not impacted. I find it unlikely that traffic is significantly affected in anyway.

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Most likely because that same set were cut once before, the infrastructure to reroute it should it happen again was already in place, lessening the damage.

A lot of times that's the only way backup plans get implemented, to have a major accident that was not planned as a possibility.

Since it was so recent, those new safeguards were probably well maintained. Give it five to ten years where everyone gets relaxed, then you have the disasters that cause major impacts across the board.

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RE[2]: Not between NA and Asia
by Vanders on Sun 21st Dec 2008 11:02 in reply to "RE: Not between NA and Asia"
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If that's true (and I don't doubt that it is) then the government & trading houses who rely on those cables need to shape up and start to treat them as the priority they clearly are I.e. funding dedicated repair ships and patrolling the length of the cable to look for potential problems before they happen.

If you rely on the Internet you can't continue to treat it as a magical place where data "just happens".

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RE: Not between NA and Asia
by weildish on Sun 21st Dec 2008 07:55 in reply to "Not between NA and Asia"
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There were various sources that said between North America and Asia, and then other sources that said between Italy and Egypt... so I stuck to one source that seemed reliable enough. Sorry about that.

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RE: Not between NA and Asia
by woowha on Thu 25th Dec 2008 14:32 in reply to "Not between NA and Asia"
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