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Windows Windows Vista has been out and about for a while now, and it has already been updated with a service pack, with a second service pack on its way. Vista's successor, Windows 7, is also getting closer and closer to release, but despite all that, Windows XP is still going strong, and demand for the operating system remains high. Because of that, Microsoft has yet again extended Windows XP's lifetime for OEMs and resellers.
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Comment by ritesh_nair
by ritesh_nair on Tue 23rd Dec 2008 06:46 UTC
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I still dont know why people whine about vista. I had 2 CDs with my dell laptop. One was vista sp1 business and the other was xp professional. I could not use vista on it as my company has not yet moved to it(recession and stuff i guess). Since i had the license I installed vista on his dell which he had purchased without an OS. Today his vostro A860 flies and he gets his work done and he feels a lot more secure than he did than when he was with XP. I have worked with Microsoft PSS for Exchange and trust me I have run so many operating systems right from AROS through reactos through linux running wine to windows vista/2008 sp2 beta. It is in my opinion quite a bit of an improvement over XP. It did have issues but sp1 fixed it. I hate the price of it though. Far too expensive. But i quite like the support that I get for it and hte ease of use.

Oh that was out of context.
But trust me Microsoft can screw up windows 7 (mostly with a price)

maybe they will quote!
How much are you stupid to outrageously over spend more today?

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