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Google Netbooks run either Windows or Linux, and both are readily available in shops all over the world. The Linux variants chosen by several netbook manufacturers are usually derived from desktop distributions, and obviously, Windows is a desktop operating system as well. However, netbooks have small displays, and both Windows and GNOME/KDE and some of their applications aren't always suited well for such an environment. Enter Android, Google's Linux-based phone operating system. It is suggested that Android-based netbooks will appear on the market in 2010, maybe even sooner.
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Google - aka (Big Brother Android)...
by centos_user on Sat 3rd Jan 2009 17:48 UTC
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I am amazed at how people think Google is the holy-grail of computing.

Google is Big Brother on steroids and everything you have ever typed in their search engine is stored for life.

Google desktop is harvesting personal information from you and Google is storing it.

Where is the data at, who owns the data go ahead be like mindless sheep install all of the Google software, use g-mail that is stored forever.

NO THANKS, I will not and avoid it like the plague and only fools download such stuff and install it. This is like giving a complete STRANGER access to all of your personal life/data ect....

Click the link above it is free and scrapes the google logs and does not store private data about you for future use with Comrade Obama in place.

Another note, Google will be harvesting all of the data off you for free and continue to use the 'free' services for the future 1 stop enslavement such as a Wal-Mart for your one stop shopping needs.

Do the research yourself and find out the facts, anyone using their tools will find out nothing if free and Googles intent is not what YOU envision as in PRIVACY.

And it will come with more Google tools, they will know exactly what you do 24/7 and ALL of your private data will be stored in the new Gulag Data Center under Comrade Obama...

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[insert facepalm here]

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