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Windows Tech ARP has a collection of dates regarding Microsoft's update program. The upgrade program concerns upgrade paths from Windows Vista to Windows 7, and basically entails that when you buy a Windows Vista machine after July 1 2009, you will get a free upgrade to Windows 7 once it's released. The data also confirm a number of versions for Windows 7.
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RE: Smorgasbord
by poundsmack on Wed 7th Jan 2009 00:35 UTC in reply to "Smorgasbord"
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ah the sky is falling to many edditions!?!?!?!

grow up. it doesnt effect anyone really, its just marketing hype.

1. your standard user doesnt know what OS or eddition they run half the time. I run a computer repair business and when i ask people if they are using XP Home or Pro, they don't know. but the reality of it is, they don't know because it doesn't matter. to them its all the same.

2. only business users or "geeks" need to even note what edition they have. so the other 12% of people (geeks and IT employees) need to actualy know whats in there OS "version." IT admins (like myself) need to be able to have it join AD and have the security policy editor, after that the server does the rest. Geeks want ____________ (add whatever you want based on need). that blank can be extra medai functions, better gaming suport, cool (useless) eye candy, the list just goes on.

3. 95% of people stick with whatever was preinstalled on their machine, and they are fine with it.

conclusion: most people don't know or care that there are different flavors of windows. those who do know usualy dont care for a good reason, example being the people who say that everyone needs to release the source to everything, regaurdless of if it actually effects them.
and last, and certainly not least, those who know and actualy need a different version to do something specific make up about 1% of consumers (i am obviously not including businesses who only use the business version).

so there you have it, stop whining already. if it bugs you that much get a Mac or put a piece of tape over your monitor where it displays what version you have...

(i don't spell well, nor proof read)

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