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Features, Office Yesterday we ran a story on how educational institutions defaulting to Microsoft Office may stifle some people who do not own a copy of Office or Windows. A Forrester Research report now states the bloody obvious by claiming that organisations stick with Microsoft Word not out of necessity, but out of habit.
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by boudewijn on Fri 16th Jan 2009 09:09 UTC
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At the company I work for currently, although everyone's got Microsoft Office on their systems and we're using exchange, our documents are mostly written in Google docs. And we're thinking of moving to gmail, too. Just for perspective: after the latest hiring round we're at 100+ employees.

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RE: Actually...
by KAMiKAZOW on Fri 16th Jan 2009 12:23 in reply to "Actually..."
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I'd guess that a major KOffice developer would encourage his company to switch to open solutions instead of just let the company replace one proprietary solution (MS) with another one (Google).

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RE[2]: Actually...
by boudewijn on Fri 16th Jan 2009 12:28 in reply to "RE: Actually..."
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I don't think I'm in a position to do that, actually, just being a lowly developer.

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RE: Actually... - security isn't a concern?
by jabbotts on Fri 16th Jan 2009 13:46 in reply to "Actually..."
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Have you looked at any security concerns with moving your companies intimate data to a third party?

The Google license clearly stating that any data stored on google servers as documents or email belong to google for whatever use they choose now or in the future. Now may be benevolent but through Google on hard financial times and corporate law will require that they derive whatever profits from that collected data that they can (if other finance sources don't work out first). Also, your data is not stored in an encrypted blob only accessible by you, that means everybody at google has access to your private data along with whatever criminals manage to get in.

What your org chooses to do is, of course, fully up to your management. I'm just curious to know what security considerations where discussed before you started migrating data outside the company.

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