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Legal Several days ago when Apple hinted at legal action against Palm, we held our breath to see just what would happen. Now Palm has stepped up to the plate boldly and hinted that they'd fight whatever legal action is thrown at them.
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highly technical? How did apple engineers get their hands on a pre so that they could determine any infringement?

Apple is just talking crap in order to intimidate. I would be willing to accept if it was a blatant copy (ie the meizu m8 or whatever). However, apple has seemingly left them (meizu) alone and are only going against palm because they have created a product that potentially can usurp the iphone's crown.

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you are undoubtedly correct

If palm released something that would not sell then im sure apple would not be interested.

it is not for me (nor you) to speculate how apple got hold of a pre to make the decision. Neither of us know and it wont further the argument of either of us.

What I don't understand is all those here at OS news insisting patents should not be used. If, as seems to be a common claim, the patents are unenforceable let it go to court. The US legal system generally is held in quite high regard. The decision on a case such as this (which I understand to be GUI related) would establish once and for all the status of patents in software and in particular software interfaces

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"The US legal system generally is held in quite high regard"

The existence and success of patent trolls in the us says otherwise to me...

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Especially a society as litigious as the US, you think cramming courts with the task of reviewing junk patents that could have easily been disqualified by the patent office is a good idea. We should have non-technical judges presiding over detailed technological debates? How has that worked out so far?

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