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Internet & Networking Earlier this month, news got out that the European Commission is charging Microsoft with unlawful competition regarding its bundling of the Internet Explorer web bowser with Windows. At the time, information was scarce, but thanks to Microsoft's quarterly filing at the Securities and Exchange Commission. we now have a little more insight into what the EU might force Microsoft to do.
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deeply stupid
by google_ninja on Mon 26th Jan 2009 13:54 UTC
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A monopoly means a company so dominates a market that there is no other choice. Apple is now on generic hardware, and has about 20% of the desktop market. MS is now a market leader, not a monopoly by any stretch of the imagination. It is like saying that symbian has a monopoly on phones, completely ignoring rim and apple.

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Your comment "is" deeply stupid sure ...
by Moulinneuf on Mon 26th Jan 2009 15:13 in reply to "deeply stupid"
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No , but then that's part of the problem , you think your allowed to make or modify laws you don't like ...

As I suggested before why don't you anonymou scoward all band togheter and go fight the EU laws and decision in court , most of you ar eno tunder it's juridiction anyway ...

Beside it's not the monopoly law they broke this time.

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