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Internet & Networking Earlier this month, news got out that the European Commission is charging Microsoft with unlawful competition regarding its bundling of the Internet Explorer web bowser with Windows. At the time, information was scarce, but thanks to Microsoft's quarterly filing at the Securities and Exchange Commission. we now have a little more insight into what the EU might force Microsoft to do.
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RE[2]: Comment by bile
by Soulbender on Tue 27th Jan 2009 13:42 UTC in reply to "RE: Comment by bile"
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I'd like to see Microsoft just pull Windows and Office from Europe. Europe would sink quicker than the bloody well Titanic did

Yes, it's a good thing Microsoft is the only manufacturer of Operating Systems. I'm sure it wouldn't at all be a big opportunity for the competition.
If you don't like the rules, you're free to not sell your product in the market.
Of course, it's all pretty moot because Microsoft won't pull anything, Europe is way to big a market to ignore.

Let them use Linux and OpenOffice, boy oh boy are they in for a big surprise on both accounts.

If everyone in Europe would use them then it wouldn't be a problem now, would it.

Apple is far more of a anti competitive p.o.s company that Microsoft imho.

Yes, they're both pretty much assholes.

I agree with you on software patents also.

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