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Privacy, Security, Encryption Yesterday, we reported on the security flaw in Windows 7's UAC slider dialog, and today, Microsoft has given a response to the situation, but it doesn't seem like the company intends to fix it. "This is not a vulnerability. The intent of the default configuration of UAC is that users don't get prompted when making changes to Windows settings. This includes changing the UAC prompting level." I hope this reply came from a marketing drone, because if they intend on keeping this behaviour as-is in Windows 7 RTM, they're going to face a serious shitstorm - and rightfully so. Let's hope the Sinfoskies and Larson-Greens at Microsoft rectify this situation as soon as possible.
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You people made your bed, lie in it.

This is a fascinating evolutionary step. We've moved beyond blaming users for going to bad websites, installing unrecognized programs, and not keeping their drivers up to date. Now we're actually blaming users for executive design decisions of the software vendor!

It's disturbing that the first line of the exploit article says it's the tech journalists who cried wolf, when that is precisely what UAC does to get people so annoyed. It's no one's fault but Microsoft's that UAC was designed after Homer Simpson's "everything's fine alarm."

People complained about a severe usability flaw, and Microsoft substituted in a severe security flaw. What lesson would you have us take from this?

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