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Windows Windows 7 was causing quite a bit of hype months before its release, and now that it's finally out into the void, you'd think people would be contentedly beta-ing the system and be happy to wait until the wrinkles are smoothed, right? Apparently not, at least for a certain Kelly Poe and now over 2,500 Windows 7 enthusiasts.
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RE[2]: Release Windows 7 now???
by weildish on Wed 4th Feb 2009 08:06 UTC in reply to "RE: Release Windows 7 now???"
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In my experience with 7, the main problems I've had are:

-Graphics drivers. The system sometimes will randomly crash after the screens flicker in and out for a few minutes, not letting me do anything. I don't believe I was doing anything graphics intensive, either. This has happened to me in Vista, too, but not as much. For the record, I have an HIS Radeon HD 2600 XT.

-Printer drivers. The driver base for printers seemed reduced compared to Vista-- in that the drivers for my printers weren't included as they were on Vista. I had to go out and download Vista drivers, and even then the printing for me seemed a bit buggy at times.

-Having dual monitors wouldn't allow the screensaver to work nor my Google Talk to go idle. Definitely not bringing the system to its knees, but still annoying nonetheless. It suddenly fixed itself, though.

-My sidebar (which isn't really a bar at all anymore) gadgets won't appear anymore, and I can't open the sidebar config program. Again, not to the knees, but still.

I've yet to edit video with Adobe Premiere with it or to run any games on it. Once I get Supreme Commander back from my brother-in-law, I may try it with 7. That's a pretty graphic-intensive game. I may also try running 3DMark with it to compare with the points I got with Vista.

Overall, I think the system's shaping up pretty well, especially for a beta. But I don't think it's ready for a release now. As for whether the site is for Windows fanboys to band together and give MS the thumbs up, I don't know-- it sure seems more like he wanted to petition MS to release it prematurely-- but here's my thumbs up:

**gives a thumbs up with a cheesy smile**

I approve, MS. I approve. Just work out the bugs, and I'll be a happy Windows user.

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