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Windows Windows 7 was causing quite a bit of hype months before its release, and now that it's finally out into the void, you'd think people would be contentedly beta-ing the system and be happy to wait until the wrinkles are smoothed, right? Apparently not, at least for a certain Kelly Poe and now over 2,500 Windows 7 enthusiasts.
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never mind release now
by raver31 on Wed 4th Feb 2009 08:59 UTC
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Microsoft should not release now, in fact, they should postpone the release date.

Instead of releasing when they are ready, they should listen to the feedback people are giving them from the beta test. Alter the code and then put out a Release Candidate.... If the feedback from RC is good, then, and only then, should they release the FINAL version. If the feedback from RC is bad, they should then release RC2...

However, this will not happen with greedy shareholders (not me, I am prepared to wait on my dividend), baying for a version to hit the shops.

Vista flopped... In more ways than one.... This is me speaking as a shareholder. I seen my shares drop from £39 each to just over £2.60 since Vista was released. Not successful.

And I blame this purely on Microsoft releasing after 2 public betas. There was Vista public beta 1 and shortly afterwards Vista RC1. However, the timeframe between beta 1, RC1 and Final Gold was not long enough for Microsoft to take the feedback and act on it. That is why they were telling people who were holding off adoption to wait for Service Pack 1.

It did not work.

The majority of Microsoft shareholders are speculators who spend all day working out the prices of pork bellies, oil barrels and orange juice. They know when to pull out or stay in.. (ooooer missus). However, this is detrimental to an IT based company who needs the shareholders to remain firm when they KNOW the product will be a roaring success..... IF and only IF they have the backing to WAIT until the product is complete.

Another flop like Vista, and I personally will have had enough, I will sell my shares at a substantial loss, but hopefully, selling at £2.60 is better than selling at £0.11

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