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Windows Windows 7 was causing quite a bit of hype months before its release, and now that it's finally out into the void, you'd think people would be contentedly beta-ing the system and be happy to wait until the wrinkles are smoothed, right? Apparently not, at least for a certain Kelly Poe and now over 2,500 Windows 7 enthusiasts.
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RE: Shares gone down in value
by Whats That There on Thu 5th Feb 2009 08:52 UTC in reply to "Shares gone down in value"
Whats That There
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You *do* realise that everyone's shares have dropped in value since late last year?

Microsoft shouldn't release until major hardware drivers are properly tested with it.

While you are correct in saying that everyones shares have dropped. I think the other person was saying that as a personal reason, he would prefer if the greedy mouth-pieces would hold off, they will get a better return on investment than they do now.

Microsoft shares have dropped over 1200 % since Vista was released. In fact, Vista has damaged them so much, they are on a share buy-back. They are offering £5 per share. This is bad news for any company.

If, however, your post was stating everyone in all companies shares have lost value, then you are incorrect. There are a lot of financial institutions that are dropping in value, but the majority of shares are fine.

As a side note, I will not loose much money on my shares, I bought them when Microsoft shares were valued at £17.00 and I only have a few hundred.

Hopefully Windows 7 will be a roaring success and the £2.35 share price at this moment. will go about £17.10 and I will make a profit for a few beers... Also, Good Luck to that raver guy, I can't see them hitting that price again.

Your second point,

I Completely Agree.

There is no way that they should put out another version that is not ready, it would kill them this time.

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