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Editorial Late last week we ran a story on how the Google Chrome team had decided to use Gtk+ as the graphical toolkit for the Linux version of the Chrome web browser. It was a story that caused some serious debate on a variety of aspects, but in this short editorial, I want to focus on one aspect that came forward: the longing for consistency. Several people in the thread stated they were happy with Google's choice for purely selfish reasons: they use only Gtk+ applications on their GNOME desktops. Several people chimed in to say that Qt integrates nicely in a Gtk+ environment. While that may be true from a graphical point of view, that really isn't my problem with mixing toolkits. The issue goes a lot deeper than that.
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you're kidding, right? ...right?

Not at all. If you know anything about programming, you will see what I mean. Lets take the Windows example: Things like MFC, VCL etc are all wrappers for the underlying Windows API. Even .NET's Windows Forms is just a wrapper for the stock standard Windows API. So yes, there is only one integrated GUI toolkit for Windows.

Compare that to Linux, where you can truly have 100's of GUI toolkits, or none at all. The Linux kernel/core doesn't come standard with a Linux GUI API, neither does X11 come with standard widget sets. X11 just managers windows, it knows nothing about buttons, comboboxes etc...

But getting back to the point. Being able to set a few custom properties of your selected screensaver is NOT beyond all users capabilities, so Gnome developers must not treat us like such dumb users!!

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Ahh... you're not kidding, you're misinformed.

/Some/ of the 'toolkits' on Windows are wrappers around the standard win32 API, but not all or even most. You could argue just as well that GTK/QT/etc are all "wrappers" around xlib, because it's just as true and just as irrelevant.

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