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Legal Practically before the trial is up and running, The Pirate Bay has achieved a major victory over the entertainment industry. On day two, the prosecutor has dropped half of the charges against the bittorrent website. The remaining charges are much lighter than the ones that have been dropped.
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I'm no lawyer, but I know it takes very little research to work out TPB doesn't host content. This just shows a ridiculous incompetence on the part of the prosecutors.

It also works vastly in TPB's favour. The tech world and a fair percentage of the music and film world too, is watching as the prosecutors make total asses of themselves. It's laughable really.

I hope TPB does win this case. I don't know about everybody else but I certainly don't see copyright (and patents for that matter) as a good, honest and decent part of modern society.

I wish the pirates the best of luck.


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I doubt they are _that_ incompetent...

I think this and all the DRM methods they implement knowing they will be craked sooner rather than later are just means to
- A) create as much fear of punishment as they can, and
- B) buy themselves some time while they try to figure out some way to rule the digital age of entertainment as they were used to.

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