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Linux The ArchLinux Release Engineering Team announced the official release of the 2009.02 ISO after a long period of intense development. This distribution is among the first to officially support the new Ext4 filesystem. I've always noticed that Arch seems to be quite popular among OSNews readers, and I'm interested to know from our Arch users: why? What makes Arch such a good Linux distribution?
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A little out of the choir
by RRockMan on Wed 18th Feb 2009 00:18 UTC
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I must say I love the Arch philosophy and I would very much had preferred to have it now in this very machine instead of xubuntu, because I come from the Gentoo world (abandoned it when my Pegasos G4 machine burned itself up... the grief was too big to try to repeat the experience on my vulgar, fast-replacement x86, so I sticked with Windows for a while...).

What stopped me from installing it was the absence of a dead sure method of getting my wireless connection up without requiring a wired connection. I really don't and can't have a wired connection now and for the next 6 months, so the priority was not breaking my access to the internet which also is access to full system installation.

So I opted for xubuntu (finally departing from my original Linpus, since my machine is the great Aspire One) but only when a custom kernel with complete support for wireless was made available by an enthusiast developer in the aspireoneunser forums.
Because that way I could just install the base system (without connection), plug the previously downloaded custom kernel, and be live and hot in an instant.

If I had had access to a wired connection, I would have preferred the elegance of "nearly from scratch" Arch right away, because having such small resources to manage, I find it priority number one to have a clean system completely rid of clutter and in which I know exactly every component installed. Something just too hard with the easy but not simple ubuntus...

P.S. If all these Arch users can point out to me a way to get an atheros wireless card configured, up, and running on a freshly installed Arch, without the need of an additional connection to the internet, please let me know.

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RE: A little out of the choir
by ralsina on Wed 18th Feb 2009 00:28 in reply to "A little out of the choir"
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Just using this latest CD image wifi on the Aspire One should work out of the box, since the driver is included in 2.6.28, which is the latest Arch kernel.

Other than that:

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RE: A little out of the choir
by iphitus on Wed 18th Feb 2009 22:17 in reply to "A little out of the choir"
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atheros drivers are included out of the box, as well as netcfg, wireless_tools and wpa_supplicant.

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