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Editorial Does Windows 7 contain more DRM than Windows Vista? Does Windows 7 limit you from running cracked applications, and will it open the firewall specifically for applications that want to check if they're cracked or not? Does it limit the audio recording capabilities? According to a skimp and badly written post on Slashdot, it does. The Slashdot crowd tore the front page item apart - and rightfully so.
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I don't disagree with the contention that Slashdot piece was FUD, but I disagree with the contention that anti-Microsoft FUD "Hurts the Alternatives to Microsoft". Your title seemed quite interesting to me, but the content of your article didn't really match the topic. Your last sentence is a thesis sentence, and you don't go into any detail.

But I disagree with your contention anyway. FUD is an extremely effective weapon against the target of the FUD. That's why it's used by many organizations.

Maybe you want to play "fair" (whatever that means) but I think FUD is an extremely powerful PR tool. In fact, simply with FUD and FUD alone, I believe Windows 7 reputation can be ruined before it's even out the door. That is what happen to some extent with Windows Vista.

But in the end of the day, FUD is just a weapon. Like any weapon, it can be used for good or bad. So don't really concentrate on the weapon itself. That is not important. Concentrate on what the weapon's being used for, and who is using it. That's ultimately what matters.

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Ah yes, the goal justify the means. Good thing that has never gone horribly wrong.

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"The ends justify the means" only makes sense if the means has to be justified. FUD is a weapon against the mind. It's used in business, it's used in your personal life. Even the US Military uses something that resembles FUD against its enemies. Is FUD justifiable on it's own? Well that's just a subjective question.

But I think this kind of FUD is effective, that's my contention. Windows 7 FUD will by and large hurt the reputation of Windows 7. This article claims something different but fails to go into any detail on it.

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