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Editorial Does Windows 7 contain more DRM than Windows Vista? Does Windows 7 limit you from running cracked applications, and will it open the firewall specifically for applications that want to check if they're cracked or not? Does it limit the audio recording capabilities? According to a skimp and badly written post on Slashdot, it does. The Slashdot crowd tore the front page item apart - and rightfully so.
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RE[2]: hmmm
by poundsmack on Thu 19th Feb 2009 17:48 UTC in reply to "RE: hmmm"
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"Wow, you must be quite the technical wizard, do be able to *need* all those apps that you didn't illegally obtain."

I do a lot of stuff (none of which involve my first post about not pirating all those apps;) ).

Example: I am working on a website called The Social Fish Tank ( )that is a chat room client but in a 3d fish tank environment like those great 3d fish tank screen savers. The technology is based on the Unity 3D engine 2.5 ( )and each user can create custom "tanks" (chat room environments created as fish tanks that they can populate with items you would see in fish tanks and corel and all sorts of stuff), and invite their friends who create their fish avatar (or go with the default generated at random) and they swim around as you talk. you can also control the fish in it's environment and have it interact with things and the other fish. each "tank" is prive and has it's own link, the option to make it publicly avalible is also there.

I haven't posted the site as I am not anywhere near done (and funding for the project got lost in this troubled economy) but eventualy thats what will be there. To save time I am contimplating creating it as a front end to but i like to create my own things.

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