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Apple Apple released the Safari 4 Beta today. Features: Tabs on top. "Top Sites" 'Speed Dial' feature. "Smart" address/search fields. HTML5 Canvas. HTML5 Audio/Video (though no Ogg). Acid 3. CSS Animation/Gradients/Masks/Reflection. CSS Web Fonts. New "Nitro" Javascript engine - "Up to 4 times faster than Firefox 3.1". 'Native' look and native font rendering on Windows Vista/XP. I can think of only one thing: "Now witness the firepower of this fully armed and operational battle station!"
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RE[5]: 150 features
by lemur2 on Wed 25th Feb 2009 00:48 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: 150 features"
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"IE8 does not pass Acid 3!

Sorry, you're right about IE8. I don't run windows so couldn't test it though I was sure I read an article saying it had. Clearly I must have dreamt it :$

Not quite dreamt it perhaps ... IE8 passes Acid 2. Perhaps that is what the article you read was about.

AFAIK IE8 scores only about 20% on Acid 3 tests. Since IE does not implement DOM2 nor SVG nor SMIL nor CSS3 nor even CSS2 completely ... this is not all that surprising I suppose.

Amusingly ... there was a bug submitted to the IE development process about DOM2 way back when. The IE development team closed it with the comment "not implemented by design". Anyway, the fact that IE does not support DOM2 means that it cannot properly support HTML5, even though there is apparently a sham attempt at doing so in IE8.

AFAIK IE also lacks any kind of javascript JIT compiler.

Microsoft's sole "push" to compete in this area of rich web content is apparently Silverlight ... which is a totally non-standard (and proprietary) way of doing the type of things that these web standards facilitate (and do quite well). This is probably what Microsoft meant when they said about DOM2 - "not implemented by design". Typical.

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