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AMD AMD recently said that they'd be starting onto the 32nm track, beginning production around the fourth quarter of 2010. Intel, on the other hand, has already demonstrated some of its prototypes and will be rolling these babies out to the public come the fourth quarter of-- ah-- this year. AMD isn't manufacturing these chips, however, and is instead laying the load on the newborn Foundry Company, which was created with the help of AMD out of ATI.
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by kaiwai on Sun 1st Mar 2009 12:13 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: stupid"
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What you are saying is just wrong. AMD has *led* Intel several times "in recent years". When did intel integrate a memory controller??? Oh was it last month? I believe AMD had this and many other innovations years ago. AMD follows on process and it isn't for lack of vision, it is for lack of money. For IDMs moving forward to new processes is insanely expensive and only a few companies can stay at the cutting edge, Intel being of of them. Another one is TSMC who only stays there by dealing in huge volumes. AMD just doesn't have the market share to produce the money to produce the new fabs.

Which is why they're gradually moving to become fabless. IMHO the new spin off company should merge with TSMC and bring even larger economies of scale which should give this new 'chipzilla' enough grunt to match and over take when it comes to fabrication technologies.

AMD has always been able to bring together the technology (I remember back when the original Athlon was announced) - the problem has always been the fabrication side; either they were behind in technology or they didn't have the capacity to keep up with demand. Push the manufacturing off to an organisation that specialises in it and focus on the development side. It would free up a massive amount of money and thus can be used to really focus on design and technology rather than the production side.

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