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AMD AMD recently said that they'd be starting onto the 32nm track, beginning production around the fourth quarter of 2010. Intel, on the other hand, has already demonstrated some of its prototypes and will be rolling these babies out to the public come the fourth quarter of-- ah-- this year. AMD isn't manufacturing these chips, however, and is instead laying the load on the newborn Foundry Company, which was created with the help of AMD out of ATI.
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"AMD need to be the first to bring out the 6-8 core proc and surprise intel.

I think differently.
AMD needs to integrate the northbridge, southbridge and 3D graphic chips into the CPU, getting closer to the "system on a chip" design.

We're past the point where one size fits all, so actually both of you are right and it depends on the application which processor or system-on-chip you choose.

For my development server/workstation I'd like to have as many cores, as much memory and hard drive capacity and speed as I could reasonably afford. For a mobile computing device such as a (mini)notebook I could live with much less computing power.

As a matter of fact I'm using my current notebook with an Intel Pentium IV at 2 GHz containing 512 MB of RAM and 60 GB hard drive to connect to my development "server" with an AMD Phenom Q9650, 8 GB of RAM and terabytes of hard drive space. The combination works fine so it's not "either/or" anymore, it's "both/and".

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