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Internet Explorer Details are scarce at the moment, but testers familiar with the recently leaked Windows 7 build 7048 confirm that Internet Explorer 8 is now an optional component in Windows 7. This is most likely a direct consequence of the EU investigation into the bundling of IE. Still, a few questions remain.
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Nothing new here?
by baadger on Wed 4th Mar 2009 19:52 UTC
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It removes the main IE executable and all the shortcuts. Afaik (and I haven't used Windows in a number of years now) you could already do that in Windows XP.

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RE: Nothing new here?
by Kroc on Thu 5th Mar 2009 08:58 in reply to "Nothing new here?"
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But not in Vista.

Plus, many exploits piggyback on IE’s protocol / link handling. There have been exploits that use Firefox only to execute a url scheme that IE handles, and the actual exploit occurs in IE.

Just having IE on your machine is a security risk, even if you don’t use it.

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