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ReactOS The ReactOS team has just put out its latest newsletter, and it contains some interesting information on the progress being made. However, it also provides some definitive insight into what, exactly, the project is trying to recreate - a topic of some confusion.
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ReactOS *never* targeted Windows 98. ROS was always about NT. There were other projects that came before ROS. They targeted Win9x. There were so many projects,sometimes different projects even used the same names. I think I even still have the source code of OpenWindows (not the UNIX DE with the same name) on some old CD-R. Other projects that were once started but never went anywhere were called FreeWin and Freedows.

I beleive you're misinformed. The project now known as ReactOS was started as a Win95 clone... Just changing the name of a product does not make it a different project.

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ReactOS was *always* about NT. As I wrote, there were other, older projects. The Win95 clone (Win95 is not Win98, btw) was another project. FreeWin95 was never renamed to ReactOS. Some FreeWin95 members started a new project called IIRC Open Windows (AFAIK overall three distinct Win clone projects had that name) that is now known as ReactOS, but over time ReactOS also "recruited" developers from the other Win clone projects. However kernel code from those Win9x clone projects never made it into ReactOS and IIRC Win32 API code did neither, because that one is based on WINE.

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FreeWin95 was never renamed to ReactOS.

If that's the case, then someone seriously needs to correct the info on the ReactOS website (and wikipedia):

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I am one of the developers that picked up the remains of the windows 95 clone project. There was no code at the time and we had a choice about what to do with it. The decision was made to target NT and at that point the project name needed to change along with that decision. A lot of other things have changed since that time as well.

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