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General Development Jeremy White posted the CodeWeavers' Outlook for 2009, explaining what the group has been working fervently on the past eight months as well as plans for the coming months of 2009. CodeWeavers develops and sells CrossOver, an application based upon Wine that can run Windows applications on Mac OS X and Linux, specifically certain games and office applications. They're also the leading corporate backer of the Wine Project. In the road map, White explains that the past eight months have been spent on unattractive, under-the-hood improvements to Wine, particularly "things like .NET support, work on a DIB Engine, Gdiplus, and a lot of Direct X work. We've also spent a lot of energy focusing on issues with Microsoft Office 2003 and 2007, in an effort to bring those applications fully up to 'Gold' level." He goes on to say that DirectX 9 support is coming along nicely for the CrossOver Games project, and DirectX 10 is around the corner. The plans for the upcoming months include shipping CrossOver 8.0 for both Linux and Mac, which will include many improvements, the juiciest of which are centered around Photoshop CS3, Microsoft Office, and Quicken 2009. Aside from adding more and better application support in Wine, the GUI of CrossOver is supposed to get a hefty overhaul by the CodeWeavers team.
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RE: Games needs an overhaul
by twickline on Tue 10th Mar 2009 13:06 UTC in reply to "Games needs an overhaul"
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The list of games you gave are all unsupported, so its going to be hit and miss, but from my testing about 50% of all the games Ive tested runs to some degree. Of course some are better then others. Over the past couple years their has been major improvements in Wine's DirextX and gaming support.

Their is a debate if Wine is now actually better at running games then Cedega, Eve Online ditched Cedega and told their users to use Wine as Wine has better support.


At the current development rate in another year or two maybe 75%+ of all games will run in Wine and this is in no way a small feat.

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RE[2]: Games needs an overhaul
by Soulbender on Tue 10th Mar 2009 13:21 in reply to "RE: Games needs an overhaul"
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That is actually my experience, that most games run better in Wine than in Cedega. Granted, I'm not playing the latest and fanciest 3D wankfests and neither do I have an Nvidia card but the only came I can recall that Cedega ran but not Wine was Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project.

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RE[3]: Games needs an overhaul
by madcrow on Tue 10th Mar 2009 13:47 in reply to "RE[2]: Games needs an overhaul"
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Indeed. This has been my experience as well. Wine/Crossover just plain works better than Cedega these days. Plus, I would use Wine (or even buy Crossover) rather than Cedega anyway, as I just plain don't like people who take open source code, enhance it and proceed to give little or nothing back. Moving to LGPL and ditching the leeches was just about the best move the Wine project ever made, IMHO.

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RE[2]: Games needs an overhaul
by Adurbe on Tue 10th Mar 2009 14:29 in reply to "RE: Games needs an overhaul"
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I am aware the Games I listed are not officially supported but then again they are by no means new... I expect(wrong word, but you know what I mean)older games to be 99% working.

Would wine not be well served to halt chasing the latest and greatest (dx10) and get DX9 working with a high compatibility level

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jparshall Member since:

Sadly, that's not a correct expectation. Older games don't magically start working under Wine just because they're old. In many cases they *do* start magically working because a patch for Game A also fixes problems in Games X, Y, and Z as well. So, it's reasonable to expect that *eventually* older titles will start magically working, but eventually may or may not be any time terribly soon. Trust me, we all want Wine to be a magical silver bullet. And some day it will be. But it's *bloody* hard development work. In fact, it's probably *the* hardest development work on the planet, bar none. And as such it just takes a while to make that silver bullet become a reality.


-jon parshall-

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