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Google In addition to the Chrome 2.0 beta, work for the Linux version of Chrome is on its way. Its official name is currently "Chromium," and Google Chrome for Linux doesn't officially exist yet. For the sake of argument, however, Google Chrome for Linux is on its way whether it's currently in a Chromium and pre-alpha state or not, and now Ubuntu users can get a hold of Chromium to take for a spin. In this article, learn how to install the current build of Chromium to test on your Ubuntu or Ubuntu-based system and see several screenshots of the budding browser.
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RE: javascript is fast!
by xenobrain on Thu 19th Mar 2009 17:26 UTC in reply to "javascript is fast!"
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The choppiness in the textured demo is probably caused by the bilinear image filtering Firefox does- look how much smoother the walls look in that browser compared to the others.

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