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Hardware, Embedded Systems Go on, go around these gadget sites and read all that talk about netbooks and what not. Acer Aspire One this, MSI that, Dell Mini 9 this, Asus that. It feels like the second coming of laptops in this netbook revolution. But truth is, even back in 1999 you could find super-lightweight laptops in the market (for the right price). This 2005-released IBM Thinkpad X41 laptop that sent us, a well-known shop for computer parts, is one of the best Linux-compatible laptops you can buy today for cheap.
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RE[2]: tablet?
by benmhall on Mon 23rd Mar 2009 18:16 UTC in reply to "RE: tablet?"
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Unfortunately getting the touchscreen features to work under linux is seriously non-trivial. Just getting the pen to work isn't too hard, but making the screen rotate between landscape and portrait and have everything work is a complete pain to set up. Tablet PC's never really caught on in the Linux world I guess.

Hmm.. I wonder if perhaps the X41 is trickier to setup than a Toshiba M200. I acquired one of these and have been just thrilled:

On the M200, rotating the screen was just done with an xrandr command. I found adding taskbar icons for an onscreen keyboard as well as rotate 90 and 0 degrees to be incredibly useful. True, it wasn't all done for me out of the box but it wasn't too tricky to follow a couple of how-tos and tweak from there.

I'm thrilled with Linux's support. The pressure sensitivity opens up so many choices. The Gimp is just a joy to use. What a treat!

Despite all that though I'm totally in love with the tablet PC concept, and I'd be hard pressed to buy a laptop that wasn't a tablet now.

Me too, or at least I will likely continue to own a tablet along with other laptops. It's just fantastic that we can pick up tablets like the X41 or Toshiba M200/M400 for a few hundred dollars. Ebay routinely has slate-style tablets for well under $500CDN these days. Most of them seem to use Intel for everything, so they are well suited to become Linux laptops.

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RE[3]: tablet?
by dagw on Mon 23rd Mar 2009 21:13 in reply to "RE[2]: tablet?"
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On the M200, rotating the screen was just done with an xrandr command.

On my laptop simply doing xrandr totally broke the pointer and touch screen since it didn't flip the mouse axis. So moving my pen up and down the screen made the pointer move left and right.

Then there was quite a bit of hacking to make the hardware buttons for rotating work, and even more hacking to make it rotate when I rotate my screen.

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