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Internet & Networking And so Firefox continues its march into Europe. It is no secret that alternative browsers are much more popular in Europe than they are in North America, and recent statistics by StatCounter confirm that Firefox 3.0 has actually surpassed Internet Explorer 7, making it the most popular browser in Europe.
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Drop in IE7
by steogede2 on Wed 1st Apr 2009 20:47 UTC
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IE 7 would be tying Firefox 3.0 for the lead if the increased number of IE 8 users were using IE 7. If Firefox 3.1 were released tomorrow, half of the Firefox users would be using it in a week, which would make the figures for 3.0 and 3.1 look pretty low.

What is more interesting, IMHO, is how slight the uptake of IE 8 has been since it's official release this week. I suppose next week might show a slightly higher uptake.

I'm not complaining though, it is nice to see so many people using 'alternative'/'minority' browsers - could be very useful for beating the banking websites (and similar) round the head with.

BTW the reason that IE is in the lead in the bar chart is that the bar chart shows an aggregate figure for the last 9 weeks - in the line chart the figures for each week are separate.

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