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Gnome Only a few days ago, we ran an article on the future of KDE and GNOME, and which of the two had the brighter future based on their developmental processes. Barely has that discussion ended, or the GNOME engineering team comes with a pretty daunting plan to introduce a fairly massive reworking of the GNOME interface for GNOME 3.0 (2.30). Read on for the details.
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RE[2]: Comment by kaiwai
by kaiwai on Fri 3rd Apr 2009 06:04 UTC in reply to "RE: Comment by kaiwai"
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If you're going to break API compatibility, then that should be a major-version upgrade. You can add to them, but API's shouldn't break in point upgrades.

For better or worse, the blogosphere was outraged that KDE released a developer preview as a final version with 4.0. That would be a tempest in a teapot compared to the outcry if Gnome starts breaking compatibility with incremental upgrades and starts confusing the hell out of everyone as to what libraries and APIs should be used with which point version.

Just my 2c.

You need to re-read what I wrote because in no place did I advocate a KDE 4.x solution. I stated that deprecated parts should be gradually removed not all at once - and not until a superior and stable replacement has taken its place. KDE 4.x was a Bennite solution to something that could have been done via evolution rather than a 'great leap forward' with the body count of many behind the change.

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