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Linux The advertisement wars are really heating up, with Microsoft going on the full assault against Apple with several TV advertisements, after Apple had been pounding the Redmond company with its "I'm a PC" campaign. Just as Microsoft published the third Laptop Hunters commercial, the Linux Foundation announced the winner of the "We're Linux" contest.
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Liked the Freedom ad ...
by JeffS on Fri 10th Apr 2009 18:48 UTC
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I thought it was simple, to the point, attractive, and compelling.

The freedom to do whatever you want with your computer is a compelling sell, even to non-geeks.

Even the proverbial "Joe User" or "Aunt Tillie" users run into frustrations with dealing with roadblocks or artificial limitations put on them by both Windows PCs and Macs.

That ad represented limitless possibility, and associated it strongly with Linux.

That's a very good start. There are other compelling features about Linux, which can be represented in follow up ads. But this one gets the ball rolling.

I'm impressed.

I also think it's a good selling point of the open source community - that a contest end users in the community could produce such a compelling ad.

IMHO, the Linux/Freedom ad is much, much better than the Jerry/Bill MS ads (which were slightly ammusing, but horribly lame in saying anything), the "I'm a PC" ads (which were saying "No, Mac ads, PCs are cool, so neener neener!"), and even better than the current "Consumer looking for features within $1500 budget" ads (which, btw, I think are quite good).

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