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General Development Shed Skin is an experimental Python-to-C++ compiler. It can convert many Python programs into optimized C++ code, without any user intervention such as adding type declarations. Its main purpose is to optimize algorithmic-like Python code, by applying advanced global type inference techniques.
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Bash to C++ compiler would be useful to
by agentj on Sun 25th Sep 2005 13:39 UTC
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I'm fed up with slow bash/perl/whatever system scripts. When init starts or scripts do some heavy processing, it's slooooooooow. Something that _should_ work good in theory IMO almost always sucks in the real world.

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If you have heavy processing that is performance critical, a scripting langauge may well limit performance. That hardly makes scripting langauges useless. Typically, a line of a high level scripting language can replace 5-10 lines of C or C++. Since you have to pay for programming (time or money), scripting languages can be an efficient use of programmer time.

Here we a developer giving us a free tool that allows us to write Python and get C++'s performance. You have stated the obvious and he has done something to address the issue.

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I meant ", too" ;) The tool is nice, and I think it should help moving away from executing e.g. data processing by the slow interpreter (those SuSE config scripts take forever to complete). Anyway, even nonoptimizing converter is good, because g++ will optimize the code if necessary.

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The speed of Bash, etc, is almost never the actual problem. The actual problem is usually that system startup involves lots of disk I/O through a cold cache, which is pretty much the slowest thing you can do on a computer. Even if the script was 10x as fast, it'd still spend 99% of its time sleeping.

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Very very good point. The other problem is bootup is done in a serial fashion, even if apache is sleeping as it's starting up, nothing else can procede until it's done. People like to bitch that python/perl/interpreted language X are slow and bloated. If it were slow nobody would use it.

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