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Google We've already seen numerous rumours about Google's Android making a move into netbooks, only fuelled by companies expressing serious interest in the concept and by Google's CEO making some hints about it not too long ago. Well, the rumours are now no longer rumours, as a Chinese company is now the first to offer an Android-based netbook, at USD 100-200.
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"...but what makes them think a normal netbook with a cut down OS is a good idea?

Just ask all the netbook manufacturers that install Linux.

Sorry, couldn't resist.

Linux is not a cut down OS.

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Unfortunately in the form installed by netbook manufacturers it often is a cutdown OS. I very quickly replaced the default linux install on my aspire one with Ubuntu as it was so limited. A friend of mine also bought one of the original 7" eeepcs and the linux install on that has had no end of problems with updates breaking things, restricted access to further apps etc.
I know these restrictions can be worked around or another OS/distro can be installed, but for the average user this isn't an option, they just get a bad impression of linux as a cut down, limited OS.

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