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RISC OS "RISCOS Ltd gets fired at from all sides, it seems. There are those who have RISC OS 5 and are fed up with RISCOS Ltd saying: "Yes, we want to do RISC OS Select on Iyonix, but..." Then there are those who have subscribed to ROL's Select scheme, but the features they want have not been implemented or they are frustrated by a lack of progress. It is fair to say ROL has made a large number of improvements to the OS over the years and many of these are 'under the hood' that are not always immediately obvious to users. There have been a few obvious user-facing improvements since the release of RISC OS 6, as part of Select 5, so let's take a look at these."
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RE: Wallpaper
by RISCOSMike on Wed 22nd Apr 2009 14:00 UTC in reply to "Wallpaper"
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It's what RISC OS is, Stoney. Like XP is like something from Fisher Price, and OS X is, well like OS X.

Out of the two RISC OS Streams, Version 5 in my opinion looks the most attractive, there's an article on it here:

And like most OS's these days you can always theme them:

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RE[2]: Wallpaper
by Bill Shooter of Bul on Wed 22nd Apr 2009 23:13 in reply to "RE: Wallpaper"
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Well, at least that guy's 'homepage' matches the outdated feel of RISC. Was the guy who did the timecube's design unavailable?

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