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Linux "Btrfs holds the promise of giving Linux many enterprise class file system features similar to ZFS but with even more features and better performance. In fact, many Linux experts think that btrfs is one of the keys to the future of Linux. While btrfs is not quite ready to be your only file system, it is in the kernel ready for testing and is still undergoing very heavy development. In this article we will introduce the key features of btrfs find out how it compares to existing file systems."
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RE: BetterFS
by Piranha on Wed 22nd Apr 2009 18:39 UTC in reply to "BetterFS"
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The first name you hear is generally the way you say it for a long time - old habits are hard to break.

I was thinking it was called ButterFS, because it was so flexible on what you can add in to it (modular and always changing shape). It's still years away from even coming close to how stable and debugged ZFS is today, but it does look attractive. If it can be integrated alongside ZFS in multiple OS's, that would be interesting.

ZFS has been out now for 4 years after it was introduced to OpenSolaris in Nov '05. It'll be interesting to see how quickly it comes along with the open community working on it versus on how Sun did with their developers. Running with the GPL license should pull in a larger pool of developers I would think as well. Only time will tell!

PS: shows Zach Brown of Oracle saying it's "Butter FS". And according to wikipedia:

Valerie Henson. (2008-01-31). Chunkfs: Fast file system check and repair. Retrieved on 2008-02-05. Event occurs at 18m 49s. "It's called Butter FS or B-tree FS, but all the cool kids say Butter FS"

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RE[2]: BetterFS
by sbergman27 on Wed 22nd Apr 2009 19:38 in reply to "RE: BetterFS"
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Zack and Valerie, as much as I respect them, are not the primary authors. I'm not certain whether or not they are even contributors. Zack may work at Oracle, but the only btrfs developer I have ever heard from, or heard mentioned, is Chris Mason. (Although he *has* thanked Zack, on occasion, for "his ideas".) If Chris, the author, says "Better", I say "Better".

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