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Apple Apple has presented its financial results for the first quarter of 2009 (which is the second quarter of the fiscal year 2009 for Apple), and despite suspicions that Apple might see a sharp decline in Macintosh sales in face of the economic slowdown, the company has managed to weather the storm quite well.
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Business plan
by evangs on Thu 23rd Apr 2009 05:12 UTC
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Before the armchair CEOs flood this thread with demands that Apple open source their OS, release a netbook, allow clones, save the dolphins, etc. Keep in mind that Apple have a business model with a proven track record. In fact, it is a business model that's caused their profits to grow in what is considered by many to be the worst recession in history.

Why fix what isn't broken?

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RE: Business plan
by Kroc on Thu 23rd Apr 2009 05:21 in reply to "Business plan"
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Because I want an Apple midi-tower, and for them to licence OS X for PC, dammit - and I'm not going to listen to reason ;)

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v RE: Business plan
by spiderman on Thu 23rd Apr 2009 08:16 in reply to "Business plan"
RE[2]: Business plan
by evangs on Thu 23rd Apr 2009 08:59 in reply to "RE: Business plan"
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The inherent vice of capitalism is the unequal sharing of blessings; the inherent virtue of socialism is the equal sharing of miseries. -- Winston Churchill

The Apple shareholders can keep their blessings and you can keep your misery. I want none of it.

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RE[2]: Business plan
by lurch_mojoff on Thu 23rd Apr 2009 09:12 in reply to "RE: Business plan"
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First, why are Apple's shareholders "vampire parasites"? And second, you don't seem to realize that all of the business decisions Apple make are ultimately based on the sole reason for the existence of any and every company - to make more money for their investors. And as evangs pointed out Apple are doing a great job fulfilling that goal. Apple don't give a flying f--k what every schmuck on teh intertubes wants, needs, or thinks they need. If you haven't found a Mac that fits your needs you're either a niche customer, a low-margin-end customer, or just someone who'll irrationally never be content any Mac and they don't don't care about you, because you won't help them make more money. Apple make products that make majority of people happy, slap a mid to high tier price tag on it and then they milk it through return business.

And please lets not get Sun involved. Lets not speak ill of the dead.

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