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Editorial Last week, Apple again repeated its claim that the iPhone and iPod Touch are capable of filling the netbook niche. They also claimed that netbooks can barely be called personal computers. Both of these statements are complete and utter nonsense, but instead of writing down some high-level definition of what a netbook is, I decided to simply write down all the things I do with my netbook that the iPhone/iPod Touch cannot do to make the difference between the two that much more tangible.
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RE: good article
by lurch_mojoff on Mon 27th Apr 2009 16:51 UTC in reply to "good article "
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Im surprised apple suggested that the iPod Touch / iPhone platform is in anyway comparable to the netbook platform

Apple suggested only that for many of the netbook use cases the iPhone is comparable (or even superior, e.g. it's always connected while most netbooks are not). They are not claiming that the iPhone can replace a netbook for everything.
Again i don't understand why apple felt the need to respond to the netbook market...

They "felt the need" to do it because they are being constantly asked about the netbook market and about their plans regarding it - both directly on earning calls, etc., and indirectly in the press.
Personally if all of the critisim's of the netbook held up, i.e. people won't like linux as it's different, the keyboard is too small, the screen is to small etc.. then we wouldn't hear about netbooks again, they would simply die out, there are only so many tech's wanting a new toy.

Probably not all criticisms are valid, at the very least not valid for all makes and models, but many are. The reason why they are generally overlooked, which is the same as one of the reasons why the "fad" hasn't died out yet, is that netbooks are dirt cheap. One simply can afford to buy one just to play around with or only use occasionally.

And as for netbooks still being a hot topic - the netbook product category is quite young, there are still some exciting developments and that's fueling the interest.
I think apple should go back to the way they used to advertise, which was to point out what was so great about apple and really not mention the competition that much

Apple are pointing out what's great about their products and comparing them to the competition. It seems to have worked handsomely for them, so let's refrain from giving Apple business advices.

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