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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu Many Linux users have experience with Wine, the application compatibility layer which allows some Windows programs to run on UNIX-like machines. During Ubuntu's Open Week event, Mark Shuttleworth was asked about Wine, and how important he believes it is for the success of Ubuntu.
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What'd I say about taking it personal? Hint hint, there.

Your entire rant is an unfounded personal attack towards myself.

Classic case.

PS: despite whatever you may think, it would still be morally remiss of me if I knew for a fact that there is copious decent freedom software that was available to all and which would perfectly satisfy the needs of 99% of people, and I did not tell people all about it in a context where others were trying to pretend that they somehow needed to run (and therefore buy) expensive software proprietary instead.

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The "hidden agenda" was a small attack, but nothing compared with what was use in retaliation.

I will second that linux media apps are good enough for general use. AVIDemux has done me just fine for my video editing needs, which are basic. Gimp is a great bitmap editor. Inkscape is a great vector editor. AudioCity has fulfilled my audio editing needs. Wings3D and Blender seam to have no shortage of 3D media fans but I have not used either.

Unless you are working professionally, I would very much doubt Adobe apps are worth the money. Even if you are working professionally, check out the Linux apps, you may well find many meet your needs for free.

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