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Debian and its clones Via LWN, we found a blog post of a Debian maintainer which announces a new package: EGLIBC, a compatible reimplementation of the GNU glibc which "which will soon replace the GNU C Library". Apparently the primary reason is the sadly famous bad maintainership aptitude of Ulrich Drepper, the main libc maintainer.
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RE[2]: overworked and underpaid
by tyrione on Thu 7th May 2009 00:06 UTC in reply to "RE: overworked and underpaid"
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"I think we all know developers who are brilliant but can't suffer "fools" easily.

I think we should also all agree that people like that shouldn't be let anywhere near anything that even vaguely looks like a management position. Just because you are an amazing programmer doesn't mean you will do an amazing job managing a programming project.

Looking back at the really great managers I've had in my career non of them where great programmers, and all of them would be the first to admit that. But they knew how to organize and get the most out of people who where great programmers and how to work around those peoples weaknesses so that they could focus on their strength.

I completely agree.

We had a guy like this in the Kernel Team at NeXT. He was fired for being such a complete a-hole and non-productive in a team environment.

During the Apple merger Engineering weighed the pros and cons of his Mach talent versus his Personality.

If my memory serves me correctly, he was given a contract to sign with several stipulations in it. I can't recall if he ever signed it as I was busy in Professional Services and had contracts to maintain and grow.

With the demise of Apple's Enterprise Team you can figure out how poorly the overall team was managed--the reason I left before the boat in the group sprung a massive leak.

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