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OSNews, Generic OSes And another week passes us by. This week we were informed about two projects replacing some GNU software with alternatives, FreeBSD, KDE,, and Windows 7 did new releases, Psystar replied to Apple's allegations (and the Apple world completely ignored it), and Chrome users were the most up-to-date with their browsers. This week's my take is a prelude to the one for next week.
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Comment by melgross
by melgross on Mon 11th May 2009 16:28 UTC
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This is ridiculous. Apple sites did report on this.

But this company is obviously attempting to stall and hide important information. To say that they supplied all legal information is just making things up. What was asked for is perfectly legitimate, and the court properly required them to come up with it.

In SCO's case, it was far more complex, as they initiated cases against several companies, and had cases initiated against themselves as well. The court in SCO's case bent over backwards to give SCO time to come up with documents it lied about, as we saw in the end. It also allowed them to conduct a fishing expedition against IBM for quite some time.

But all ended up as was expected. SCO had nothing, and Psystar is showing the same lack of reality that SCO showed.

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RE: Comment by melgross
by melkor on Tue 12th May 2009 04:15 in reply to "Comment by melgross"
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How is an EULA forbidding you from using the software/operating system on a different hardware set not a monopoly? Can you please answer that? By enabling such an EULA, you are limiting competition.

I don't expect Apple Lovers to realise this, because they're usually such a self loving, egotistical "look at me" bunch of wanker$, who thinks the sun shines out of you know who's a$$. They're also usually too stupid to own a PC, hence having to own a dumbed down computer, i.e Apple.


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