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Windows SuperFetch is a technology in Windows Vista and onwards that is often misunderstood. I decided to delve into this technology to see what it is all about, and to dispel some of the myths surrounding this feature.
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by christianhgross on Tue 12th May 2009 07:54 UTC
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Oh superfetch makes this better and that better... Horses**t...

I have two Vista machines and 6 XP machines. Until about a month ago I was working on Vista, and then I switch back to XP. It was amazing! XP just works... XP just boots...

My Vista machine is quad-core with 3 GB of RAM, and my other Vista machine is tablet with 4 GB of RAM.

These machines are super slow!!!! They require about 5 minutes to completely boot up after logon.

And the fact that they use very little resources is horses**t... If you had a 1 GB drive sure little. But I have 500 GB drives nearly full and then it just churns and churns and churns... The operating system is constantly needing to do something and it drives me bonkers!

Vista is garbage and Windows 7 will be the same rehashed garbage! (I already played with it and was not impressed)

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