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OSNews, Generic OSes As you may know, the global economic depression has hit the media hard, due in large part to the fact that ad rates are in the toilet. OSNews is in the same boat. Despite the fact that we still have good advertisers, our income from advertising this year will only be a fraction of what it was last year. We probably won't make enough to cover our costs. Other news sites, as they've seen revenue decrease, have responded with more, and more intrusive, advertising. We don' t want to do that. We feel we have a covenant with our readers. If you'll be respectful of our need to run ads, we'll be respectful of your need to read the site without having ads shoved down your throat. Please read on, for more discussion of our ad "covenant," and a plea for help, including a plea to all Adblock users to please unblock OSNews.
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by Cytor on Tue 12th May 2009 17:15 UTC
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Didn't you offer paid subscriptions some time ago? What happened to that? Maybe that would help to pay for the site.

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RE: subscription
by boudewijn on Tue 12th May 2009 17:18 in reply to "subscription"
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I'm not sure I would pay for osnews, really. I do pay for, but that site is still quite a bit better, honestly.

But yes, I've killed konquerors ad blocking -- I would hate for osnews to disappear, since it _is_ one of my favourites.

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RE[2]: subscription
by averycfay on Tue 12th May 2009 18:17 in reply to "RE: subscription"
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I have to agree with you. The focus of osnews has really changed over the past few years and it's simply not as interesting to me; I wouldn't pay for a subscription. Most of the stuff that I do find interesting is on page 2 and doesn't get much attention.

That said, I realize the content is determined by the people writing the content, so I'm not going to bitch about it. Maybe they're getting more traffic with the new focus? I have no idea.

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RE: subscription
by David on Tue 12th May 2009 17:36 in reply to "subscription"
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We still officially have the membership, but we haven't updated the design of the Ad-free OSNews site in a while, so it's lacking in functionality. At most, we had less than 200 members, so it was a nice way for people to support the site, but the effort that it would take to bring it up to date probably isn't worth the benefit.

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RE[2]: subscription
by Adam S on Tue 12th May 2009 17:51 in reply to "RE: subscription"
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It's worth noting, though, that subscribers do get ad-free pages and enjoy a slew of other features, such as additional HTML in their bios, non-"no follow" links to their sites, access to an "ignore list", and several other things I can enumerate if people are interested.

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