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Legal Two weekends ago, Apple accused Psystar of withholding information in the ongoing lawsuit between the two companies, and the Cupertino company asked the judge to order Psystar to reveal said information. Psystar replied, explaining that some documents simply did not exist, and some were lost during a move of offices. Apparently, judge Alsup wasn't impressed with the defence, and sided with Apple.
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screw psystar
by mrnagrom on Thu 14th May 2009 01:36 UTC
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I fully believe that apple is in the right here..
They poured millions into writing OSX..
They did all the work..
Psystar is a leech..

Fair use.. camon. Stop crying like 5 year olds about how expensive macs are.. If you can't afford it.. buy a damn pc with windows or linux..

This whole lawsuit is a joke.

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