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Mozilla & Gecko clones Tabbed browsing is pretty much the norm by now, with even someone like me (who disliked it vehemently for a long time) finally giving in and start using tabbed browsing (thanks to Chrome, by the way). Well, apparently, Mozilla thinks its time to move on. They believe tabbed browsing has become obsolete, and are asking users to come up with a better alternative.
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Comment by jpkotta
by jpkotta on Tue 19th May 2009 04:25 UTC
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When you think about it, tabs are basically a taskbar. I don't care for taskbars, so I use something called FvwmProxy (, for the Fvwm window manager. It creates little proxy windows near the center of your real windows, even if they're obsured by other windows. One thing I like better about the proxies is that they're laid out in 2 dimensions, so they never get very cluttered.

Browser tabs are proxies for browser windows. They would be less cluttered and more organized if we used 2 dimensions to display them. They could be arranged as a graph sort of like this: There are several ways to draw links. Probably the easiest is making a tree of clicked links, i.e. a window opened by clicking a link is a child of the window with the clicked link. Links could also be drawn according to guesses at the topics of the webpages, or the URLs. The nodes can be represented by screenshots, text, icons, etc.

The disadvantage is that there's no way to keep the graph up all the time. It would just get in the way. You would need a fast, easy way to display it, like a simple mouse gesture or a single keybinding.

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