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Amiga & AROS Another important bounty quota has been reached in the Power2People website, and this time the result comes from a common effort of the whole Amiga/Morphos/AROS Community. The result of this bounty being reached is that the Poseidon USB stack will be ported to AROS, and released as open source under the AROS Public License.
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RE: All Amiga people?
by Vanders on Sat 23rd May 2009 19:11 UTC in reply to "All Amiga people?"
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About the funding itself: kind of makes one pitiful when big multinational corporations are pouring money into certain already well-funded FOSS projects, but at the same time smaller projects have difficulties raising tiny amounts of money to fund their development.

Companies have little incentive to fund small projects such as AROS or Syllable because there is little prospect of a return on their investment. Although sad, it's true.

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