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GNU, GPL, Open Source Keith Curtis worked at Microsoft for 11 years, coding on Windows, Office, and at Microsoft's research department, before leaving the Redmond giant. Call it a revelation, call it giving in to the devil's temptations, but he's now a complete open source and Linux advocate, and in his new book, "After the Software Wars", he explains why open source will prevail against Microsoft's proprietary model.
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RE[5]: He is a FOSS dislusionist.
by h3rman on Sun 24th May 2009 07:19 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: He is a FOSS dislusionist."
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What are you so excited about, he doesn't force you to use anything but the term you like.

What do you mean by Debian being "subservient to the FOSS people"? Debian ARE "the FOSS people".
FWIW, you seem to be unaware ("only Debian") but Debian is still the most used Linux operating system and it's the largest free/open source software project in the world. There's also Debian with the FreeBSD kernel, by the way. So that Debian has no Linux at all.
Mind you, I don't care whatever one calls it. This nonsensical discussion started out by someone pouring loathe and contempt over those who use their freedom to call it the way they want.

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By what measure is Debian the largest FOSS project? The only one I can think of is number of developers.

If we go by software produced (which is, after all, the last S in FOSS, and the only noun in it), it's not even in the top 10.

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Some people have this crazy idea that writing software and packaging software are the same thing.

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